How to create a website using Blogger?

A lots of options are available on internet for make website. You can create a website using WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal etc or you can create it manually. But Blogger is one of the best, easy to use and one of the best thing with that, that is free. This is the reason I am going to share how to create a blog using blogger.

Blogger is a free server to host your site which will let you create a free website including free .blogspot domain. I seen many website which is running on blogger without premium domain and earning high revenue using Adsense and affiliation’s.

Blogger features

Free hosting – This is Google owned free service for all around the world. What you are doing, how much your website earning using blogger platform, Blogger owner will never ask you for move premuim hosting using blogger hosting service because they does not offers any upgrade option’s. So you can use their free hosting service lifetime.

Free Sub-domain – They do not offer any premium domain with the extension of .com, .in,, .us, .me, .net etc. However they provide an option to integrate your own domain with your blogger blog. So it is so easy. If you do no want to add any premium domain so you can use with For example

Blogger Templates – First of all they provide many free Blogger templates which is always stay up to date with the latest blogger-logoversion of Blogger. However they do not disclose their version like WordPress so you do not need to change your blogger template but if you want to change so you can because options is open for change your blogger template. You can add your own CSS for free blogger template which is providing by Blogger which means they are editable.

Technology – It is Python based technology and blogger template is XML based where you can add Java script code, HTML code, JQuery etc.

Mobile / Tablet / App – Blogger is on almost all platform such as tablet, mobile, computer, laptop. If you want to post your article through mobile so you can. You can also post your article through email (I am not recommending this feature).

Multiple users – You can allow to anyone to write on your blog with your permission.

Premium Features – Some of the premuim features including custom robots, redirection, customization, meta tags for home page, post and for all pages. With Blogger you will also get image magnifier for zoom your post / page picture to view clearly. Your blog stats, Advertisement option, earning source which is Adsense, Google+ comments, Free feed / RSS service using feedburner which is also owned by Google.

Now the question is –

How to create a website using Blogger?

Step 1. First condition is to create a Google account or an email id on then go to blogger and login with your gmail id.

Step 2. Now need to click on New Blog. Fill all required field which is Title, URL or Address and Template. Then click on Create a blog.How to create a website using blogger?

We have a 2 minute video which will let you know how to create a blog or website using blogger platform.


How to integrate a domain with Blogger easily?

To add a domain on your blogger blog. You need to follow some below steps.

Step 1. Purchase a domain from any registrar (my recommendation is Godaddy and Bigrcok).domain-setup-on-blogger

Step 2. Now move back on blogger and go to your blog which you created then click on Settings then basic. See above image enter your URL which you bought and you will see an error which is not actually an error.

Step 3. Now follow the instruction which will be provided by Blogger with CNAME and A records.

After the completion of your settings you need to wait maximum one hour (actual time is 24 to 48 hours). After one hour try to access your website with www if it’s open so your blog has been migrated with premium domain. If you see any 404 error while opening your blog without www so go back to your blog and tick for redirect your domain (see below image).blogger domain redirection

So guys it was about How to create a website using Blogger?

Still need any help??? Comment’s are open. 🙂

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