Godaddy discount, promo, offers, coupon – Get up to 30% off

Godaddy is always looking for grabbing of new customer’s. They always notify us for new offer’s, plans, coupon etc.

Yesterday I received a notification from Godaddy side that they offering 30% off for new customer’s. So I thought, I should have to write about it so I am just writing as well as promoting to godaddy plan.

In this simple article I will share the Godaddy promo code with you to get 30% off on godaddy products such as domain, hosting, privacy etc.

Some terms & condition you should have to follow. The reason behind is Godaddy some time share discount for new customer’s and sometimes share for renewal.

Godaddy renewal coupon promo also available on my website to get it.

Currently, I am talking only for Indian customer’s but if you are from different country so you can try atleast the promo code for get discount logo

First of all, This offer is only aplicable for new customer’s. If you are already a customer of Godaddy India so you can still get discount if never purchased anything from Godaddy but you purchased already so you will be treated as old cusotmer or not the new member of Godaddy.

So remember this, this offer is only for new customers.

I am always hungry to share Godaddy promo code or Godaddy offer’s or Godaddy Coupon code 2017.

GoDaddy coupon code 2017 | Godaddy Offers 2017 | Godaddy Promo code 2017

Now I am sharing information on Godaddy promos and how to get discount on godaddy products such as hosting, domain.

Godaddy Promo code 2017 – Try this godaddy coupon code – fbfhpg30

Godaddy Coupon code 017 – Try this godaddy coupon code – fbfhpg30

Given above both code are same but written two times to get better search result on search engine like Google bing etc.

Let’s see how to apply godaddy promo code while purchasing to get instant discount.

First of all go on (it will redirect automatically to your country related sub-domain for ex if you are from India so it will move on

Step 1. Go on

Step 2. Choose your product and take it on cart.

Step 3. Click on cart and go for your product.

Step 4. Now you will have information in front of you about your product as cost (price), blank box to enter promo code.

godaddy coupon code


Step 5. Now you can copy our provided code which is given above and can apply (In above image it is showing 25% off but you will get 30% off actually).

Step 6. Click on proceed to checkout then it will move you on login or sign up page if not logged in already.

Step 7. Rest of the thing you can manage by self because Godaddy will instruct you to complete the payment process (still any concern so you can leave comment).

Given above seven instruction’s I think enough.

Godaddy expiry offer date – This offer is valid till 23rd of January 2017 so hurry up!

Godaddy is always smart to choose smart way to get customers. Still have any issue, any concern so you folks can notify my by comments. I will try to solve it.

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