How to remove powered by Blogger Mobile Template?

Hi, Previously I leaked an article about remove powered by blogger but this time I am sharing about How to remove powered by Blogger in Mobile Template?

You just need to follow simple steps then you will able to hide it.

Step 1. As per below image you need to click on Template then click on gear icon (number 2 in red colour). Choose Yes for show mobile blogger template and click on Choose mobile template and choose Custom.

Custom Mobile Blogger Template

Step 2. According to above image instruction’s are all clear.

a) Click on Template

b) Click on setting or gear icon

c) Click on “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.”

d) Now choose custom instead of default.

e) Finally save it.

After two simple step’s you will be able to remove yourself powered by blogger from mobile template. Don’t forget to test your blog.

This widget or gadget always included in all default and free blogger template but you can remove it easily.

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