How to remove powered by Blogger?

To remove powered by Blogger, You need to access your Blogger code window. After some small steps you will be able to delete it by yourself. It is also called Attribution which is not a gadget but we can suppose it as a gadget because it comes be default in all free Blogger templates provided by Blogger.

You will find this attribution always on Footer. I mean, Normally it will available on footer or located on footer specially in free themes.

I have two way where you can hide powered by blogger.

Steps for how to remove powered by Blogger?

Step 1. Go to your Blog and login if not logged in already. Now select your blog (in case if you have more than 1 blog) and click on Template then click on Edit HTML.remove powered by blogger

Step 2. Find Jump to Widget and click for drop down menu where you will see Attribution or Attribution1, Select it.

Remove powered by Blogger 1

According to above image, an highlighted code you can see which is also given below. You need to write false instead of True which highlighted in red colour.

<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true‘ title=” type=’Attribution’>

Now Save it.Remove powered by blogger 2

But it’s not over because you need to go in Layout section so click on Layout and scroll down the page and click on edit to remove powered by blogger. After it you will see an option whcih would be written as Remove. Click on it and save your templae. That’s It!

Second process

How to hide powered by blogger by a single CSS code?

Step 1. As per the first image on this article, Go to Template and click for Customize.

remove powered by blogger 3

Step 2. Click on Advanced and scroll down the bar till last and where you see Add CSS. In Add CSS you need to paste a CSS code which is given below so copy it and paste there.


Now what? Nothing just save it.

Second process is much better than first process. Bye!

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