How to remove Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) from Blogger

As you know Blogger is the favourite platform for newcomers, specially for learn purpose. I am publishing continuously topic’s about blogger platform because I am an experienced guy on this platform already. My previous post was How to create a website using Blogger?

So today’s topic is How do I remove Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) from Blogger. First we will see what is it in Blogger.

If you noticed that on your blogger blog that you will find this subscribe to:… two time first on home page as “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” and another one is “Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)” when you visit any post or article.

Click here to read remove Subscribe to in Hindi language.

Commonly, most of the blogger’s does not want to keep this two link on their blog because no any reader going to click on the link.

Now the question is what is it?

Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) – However I am not going to share detail about it but in simply – When you click this link on anyblogger-logo blog so it opens in new tab to show feeds of their blog from the latest post to older post.

Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) – It will open comments feed in new tab for any post or article which you visit at that time.

How to remove Subscribe to: Post (Atom) from Blogger?

I would like to share two process. First process will delete Subscribe to: Post (Atom) from Blogger and another one will hide Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) from Blogger. Both process is good and but easy process is hide it.

How to delete Subscribe to: Post (Atom) from Blogger?

Step 1. Go to your blog first and login to you blog where you want make some change about it. Then click on Template then Edit HTML (have a look on below image).remove subscribe to

Step 2. After click on Edit HTML you will be on code window of Blogger where you have to click one time by your mouse in blogger code window and press Ctrl+F to open blogger search bar.blogger search bar

Step 3. Copy this code whcih is given below.

<b:include data=’feedLinks’ name=’feedLinksBody’/>

Step 4. Now paste this copied code in blogger search box and hit the enter button by your keyboard to reach this code. Now you need to delete this code when you found. That’s It

After above four steps it will removed. Second precess is given below.

How to hide Subscribe to: Post comments (Atom) from Blogger?

Step 1. According to first image on this article. You need to click on Template and then choose customize.

Step 2. According to below image, click on Advanced link and scroll down the middle bar till last where you will find Add CSS.Smurfs: The Lost Village 2017 film download

hide subscribe to

Step 3. Copy the given below code first and paste inside of blank box. Click on Apply to blog which is indicating by the number of 4.

That’s It.

Second process is much better than first process because you will not require to find some code or do something else.

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