How to Setup Yoast WordPress SEO plugin Tutorial

Now you are reading How to Setup Yoast WordPress SEO plugin Tutorial. I already wrote this article in Hindi language which you can read here. This is a basic tutorial for general settings for social, post, pages, titles, Robots.TXT, .httaccess etc Here, I will talk about only free version not the paid version. You can install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast official website or WordPress.ORG or you can install directly which I will let you know below. I know All in one SEO WordPress SEO plugin is also very good but it’s depend on your choice because I used both and I can recommend you both but install one in one blog and other one you can use for your other WordPress blog (if have). Also you can change this plugin. I mean you can remove first plugin and can install new one without loosing your original settings like Meta descriptions, custom Titles, Keywords and others.

How to install Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin directly?

To install directly – Go to your WordPress blog and login (if not logged in already) move arrow by your mouse on plugins and click on Add New. Write Yoast in search box and hit the enter button. You will find it on first number and will see Install now button, So click on it and happy install. After installation you will see an option with the name of SEO on sidebar and below of Settings.

How to setup Yoast WordPress SEO plugin Tutorial?

This article will be long so take your time and install completely. I will cover all settings one by one so now you can go ahead. General – You will see 5 option here which is General, Your Info, Webmaster Tools, Security, You have to work with Your Info and Webmaster tools only. By Default Security option will have Checked Box for Disable the Advanced part of the Yoast SEO meta box so you can leave as it is.

  • Your Info – As per below image Write your website name, and alternate name for your website which will not meta description for your site or for home page.

Yoast General Setting

  • Webmaster tools – Here, You can understand by the name where you can verify your site for alexa rank,  webmaster tools for Google, Bing, Yandex (check image below).Yoast Webmaster Tools Settings

Titles & Metas:- Here, You will see 6 option which is a Tab where General, Homepage, Post Types, Taxonomies, Archives, Other located. You can set all options one by one expect General because it will remain as it is. I mean pre default setting is okay and no need to change anything in General. Now –

  • Homepage – Now this is your filed where youhave to write meta description for your website or blog or for home page.
  • Post Types – In this option you have to check any box sincerely because wrong selection will take out your site from all search engines. So my recommendation is do nothing and leave it.
  • Taxonomies – This is very important and where you have to check many boxes as per your wish. My recommendation is for check all and save it. If you allow categories, Tags to get index in search engine so it will generate duplicate content for your any post. So I am recommending you to check all and save it (for better experience of understanding see below image).Yoast Title Metas Taxonomies
  • Archives – Who want to allow archive files of your website to get index. I don’t want. Because it will work for create duplicate content. So my recommendation is for prevent duplicate content.Yoast Title Metas Archives
  • Others – In this tab you can check for “Noindex subpages of archives” if not checked already and save it.

Social – I am not going to share any detail on social settings because it is so easy to do. XML Sitemaps – You can see one by one all 4 option which placed as a Tab. General, User sitemap, Post Types, Excluded Posts, Taxonomies.

  • General – In general, you can see your sitemap.
  • User sitemap – Check for “Disable author/user sitemap” and save it.
  • Post Types – Here, You have to select that which type of selection do no want to include in Sitemap. My recommendation is only for Media.
  • Exclude post – Here you can prevent yoast to include any post in sitemap. For this write Post ID’s which should be separated by comma,
  • Taxonomies – Leave as it is and save it.

Advanced – In advanced three option will available Breadcrumbs, Permalinks, RSS.

  • Breadcrumbs – This is an optional selection which you may leave because many WordPress themes have by defualt Breadcrumbs option.
  • Permalinks
  1. Change URLs – This option is interesting becuase here you can hide category word from any catergory link. For example, your site have any category, Suppose WordPress, so what will your URL for this particular category? It will – In this URL you can hide category word and can make your URL as
  2. You may check for “Redirect attachment URL’s to parent post URL”. but it is not mandatory. It’s your wish.
  3. Clean up permalinks – By default you will see one a checked for “Remove stop words from slugs”. So I am also recommending you to leave rest all thing as it is and save this all.Yoast Advanced
  • RSS – This is also an important part of your site but no need to do anything or write anything just leave it.

Tools – Here you can see Bulk editor, File editor, Import and Export, Recalculate SEO scores.

  • Bulk editor – This tool will allow you to edit title of your all post in one place as well as in list form. And will get easy to edit description for your all post as same as titles.
  • File editor – By this tool you can create Robot.TXT file as well can modify .httaccess file.
  • Import and Export – Use this tool to import settings from other WordPress SEO plugin like All in one SEO pack. Or you can export setting for other WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Recalculate SEO Scores – Click on it and you will understand by self.

Search Console – This will check your website information from Google Search Console. For this you need to enter Google Authorization Code. So for this, you have to click on Get “Google Authorization Code” Verify your Google account with Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and get Google Authorization Code. Now copy it and paste here in the box inside of Search Console.

Extension – This is an another way for move other products selling by Yoast and you can upgrade your Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for paid version with marvellous features. Hope this article which is about How to Setup Yoast WordPress SEO plugin Tutorial? will helpful for you. Bye!

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